Not Working Issues

My new laptop battery is not working !! What's wrong?

New batteries are usually shipped in a discharged condition and must be charged before use. It is recommended to charge a Li-Ion and NiCd battery overnight(approximately twelve hours), 24 hours for NiMH. Refer to your computer manual for charging instructions. Rechargeable batteries should be conditioned before normal use - fully charged and then fully discharged about 2 to 4 times. This allows the batteries to reach their full capacity. 

The battery will run the computer but the suel gauge does not register or recognize anything. What is wrong?

Check if your battery is a smart battery, which will interface with the computer's software. Not all batteries have a 'SMART' option. If it has a fuel gauge, then it is probably as mart battery. Most new notebook computer batteries are smart which means that they have internal microprocessors that will allow the battery and the computer to communicate. If you establish that your battery is a smart battery and the fuel gauge does not work properly, then the battery may be faulty. 

Why won my computer start up (wake) with the battery inserted?

Make sure that the battery is properly inserted and has sufficient charge. If this does not work, consult your computer manual. 

Why doesn the battery charge overnight in my notebook?

Make sure the notebook computer is receiving power. (Is the AC Adapter plugged in correctly?). When the battery is installed in the computer and it is properly plugged into an AC socket, check to see if the suel gauged is showing a charge sign. If this does not fix the problem, the battery, the power source in the notebook, or the AC Adapter may be defective. 

The notebook shutdown automatically, What could be wrong?

Firstly plug in the AC adapter/Charger into the laptop and turn the machine on. Check the Power Management settings. It may be set to turn the laptop off when the battery reaches a certain level. Also make sure the battery has sufficient charge and the laptop shows that the battery is charging. If these steps do not help solve the problem consult your laptop manual. AMD provide technology called PowerNow! which is basically a Power Managment software.