HP 403777-001 AC Power Adapter Charger

High quality Brand New 403777-001 AC Power Adapter Charger on sale at a great price with 1 Year Warranty. 100% Compatible with HP DC7600 Ultra-slim DPS-200PB-161 DPS-200PB-163.

HP 403777-001 AC Power Adapter Charger

AC Input:100-240V~ /4A, 47Hz-63Hz
DC Output: 200W
403777-001 Power Adapter
Adapter Part Numbers:
379350-001 381025-001 403777-001 403984-001
Adapter Fit Models:
Model : DPS-200PB-163 A
INPUT : 100-240V~ /4A, 47Hz-63Hz
Part Number : 403777-001
Spare Number : 403984-001
OUTPUT +3.33V--/12A,-12V --/ 0.15A
COMPATIBILITY: FOR DC7600, DC7700, DC7100 (352395-001), DC5100 USDT (Ultra-slim)
DPS-200PB-161 Part# 379350-001 Spare# 381025-001
API5PC50, DPS-200PB-163 Part# 403777-001 Spare# 403984-001
API3PCB4 Part# 351455-001 Spare# 352395-001
Connectors: 1 x 24-pin (Small Form) ATX Power Connector (Connects directly to the motherboard); 1 x 6-pin P3 Connector; 1 x SATA Connector (Hard Drives, Optical Drives etc).