New AC Power Adapter Charger For Microsoft Surface Pro 1 Pro 2 Charger 1601 1536 1514

High quality Brand New 48W 12V 3.6A AC Power Adapter Charger on sale at a great price with 1 Year Warranty. 100% Compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 1 Pro 2 Charger 1601 1536 1514. 

MICROSOFT 48W 12V 3.6A AC Power Adapter Charger

AC Input:AC 100V - 240V 50-60Hz 
DC Output: 12V 3.6 45w 5V 1A 5W
48W 12V 3.6A Power Adapter
Adapter Part Numbers:
Surface Windows pro 1 pro 2.1601 1536 1631
Adapter Fit Models:
Surface Pro 1 & Pro 2 Tablet

Stop lugging your AC adapter back and forth between home and office. Get a second MICROSOFT 48W 12V 3.6A AC adapter for your notebook and keep one in the office and one for home or travel.The AC Adapter MICROSOFT 48W 12V 3.6A is specially designed to meet the power needs of your Microsoft Surface Pro 1 Pro 2 Charger 1601 1536 1514 laptop. Packed with of power, this adapter enables you to simultaneously operate your system and charge its battery from electrical power outlets.
1 year replacement warranty,30-day refund guarantee after the purchase.
  High Efficiency and Reliability. This adapter was tested and proven to match and/or exceed original specifications of MICROSOFT products. 
Portable and ultrathin design, just half thickness of general MICROSOFT 48W 12V 3.6A power adapter. Very convenient for taking around. Manufactured with high quality materials and include laptop safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating. Please do not use this charger to power laptops that requires power more than 70w
Please check your laptop Tip DIMENSION and Voltage before ordering. If you are not sure the tip compatibility, please send us your laptop brand and model number for confirmation. There are 2 same dimension tips in a package, but they are for different brand laptops. Please check user manual and choose the right tip for your laptop. Any problems, please contact us before returning it
NL:Microsoft 48W Laptop-opladerJP:Microsoft 48W
DE:48W 12V 3.6A adapter.Das richtige MICROSOFT Laptop Netzteil finden. 
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