DELL 90V7W Replacement Battery

High Quality Replacement DELL 90V7W Battery. Buy Quality 56wh ,7.6V DELL 90V7W for Dell XPS 13 5K9CP DIN02 JD25G

DELL 90V7W Replacement Battery [56wh, 7.6V]

Laptop battery>> DELL 90V7W battery Replacement
Replace the following part numbers:
Fits the Following Models:
DELL XPS 13 9343
DELL XPS 13 9350

Tips to extend your DELL battery life
Sleep Is Good
1.Use laptop's power management features to set targets for when the machine will slip into sleep mode(say,after 2 minutes of inactivity) and set the notebook to hibernate when you close the lip.This will help you save DELL 90V7W battery power during the business trip or vacation.
Dim the Lights
2.Turn down the brightness of the LCD panel or use function key (Fn), and the corresponding key to lower the resolution on your screen as low as you can.
Banish Non-Essential Components
3.When you aren't using the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and IR devices,just turn them off.It's crucial when you're on 90V7W battery power,especially when your aren't close to a power source.
Turn Off the Autosave Function
4.MS-Word’s and Excel’s autosave functions are great but because they keep saving regular intervals, they work your hard driver harder than it may have to.Disabling the autosave feature from these applications will help you save power and prolong the DELL 90V7W battery life.
How long can a new DELL 90V7W computer battery drive the computer? It is difficult to determine the operation time of the laptop battery. The actual operation time depends on how much electricity is required by the device. The screen size, hard disk and other accessories may consume extra electricity and shorten the operation time. The total operation time of the DELL 90V7W computer battery also depends on the design of the device. Generally, a DELL 90V7W computer battery of a standard volume is designed to drive the computer for more than two hours.

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Generally, the charging of a battery begins only when the electricity volume is lower than 95%. Due to existence of natural consumption, the battery consumption is basically the same no matter whether you remove the battery or not while the computer is working. However, we recommend you not to remove the LENOVO Laptop Battery while operating the computer because this prevents the data loss in case of abrupt interruption of the AC supply. If you remove the battery, wrap it into a fresh keeping film and put in a dry and cool place. Remember to perform a complete charging and discharging cycle for the battery every month to prevent the battery from losing activity.
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