Apple is once again selling Nokia products

Apple is once again directly selling Nokia products through its online store, and they should be available in its physical retail locations soon too. That's not an error - we're obviously not talking about smartphones here, even though more and more Nokia-branded Android handsets are starting to appear. Apple would definitely never offer those, but it is eager to sell you a Nokia connected health device or two.

These products, ranging from scales to thermometers to blood pressure monitors, were formerly Withings-branded. Nokia bought Withings last year and has since renamed all of those accessories, using its own brand.

So the Nokia Body Cardio and Body+ scales are up for grabs from Apple, as are the Thermo and BPM+ (the former a thermometer, the latter a blood pressure monitor). Apple had been selling the original Withings products, but then some patent lawsuits filed by Nokia against it prompted a halt of those sales. A legal settlement regarding those lawsuits was reached between the two companies in May, and this cleared the way for Nokia connected health devices to be available in Apple stores.