SONY 149311714 Power Adapter for Sony XBR65X930D 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV

  • Buy Replacement AC Power Adapter 149311714 for Sony XBR65X930D 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV (2016 Model)

    SONY 149311714 Power Adapter - Product information

    NZ laptop Ac Adapter shop, buy cheap Sony 149311714 replacement laptop Ac Adapter, 149311714 AC Adapter with low price and high quality! Brand New Adapters for Sony XBR65X930D 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV (2016 Model).
    AC Input:AC 100V - 240V 2.6A 50-60Hz
    DC Output: 24V--9.4A,240W
    149311714 Power Adapter
    Adapter Part Numbers:
    Please Note: Please make sure the DC output and Connector size of ac adapter are the same as above listing before you bid!!!
    ACDP-240E01 149311714 16038007989
    Adapter Fit Models:
    Sony XBR65X930D 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV (2016 Model)
    Sony XBR55X930D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV (2016 Model)
    SONY KDL-75X9400C LCD TV

    JP:Sony 149311714
    DE:149311714 Notebook-Netzteile.Das richtige SONY Laptop Netzteil finden. The Sony 149311714 AC adapter is used to recharge the battery in a notebook and to provide dependable power for operating the notebook for long periods of time. If an AC adapter fails it will not recharge the battery and it will not provide power to operate the notebook without a battery.
    Test the Sony 149311714 AC Adapter
    Connect the output cord from the AC adapter to the notebook and plug the power cord into a working electrical outlet. Perform one or more of the following tasks to check the operation of the AC power adapter.
    Check the power icon in the system tray.
    If the icon resembles a power cord, and if moving the cursor over the icon displays the On AC Power message, the AC adapter is operating properly.
    If the icon resembles a battery when the AC adapter is connected, the adapter is defective.
    Check if the AC power adapter can operate the notebook when the battery is removed.
    Do a normal shutdown of the PC.
    Remove the battery from the Notebook.
    Connect the SONY power adapter and press the Power button to start the notebook.
    If the PC does not start and operate normally, the AC adapter is defective and must be replaced.
    If the PC does start and operate normally, the AC adapter is working properly
    Determine the AC Adapter Part Number
    Different notebook models require different AC adapters. You will need to know the Product Number of your notebook to determine the Part Number of the replacement part.
    Perform one of the following tasks to find the Product Number of your notebook.
    Click Start, then click Help & Support. The product name, product number, and serial number of the notebook are displayed in the upper left hand corner of the Help and Support home page.
    If the Notebook computer is not powered on, turn it over and locate the SONY Service Tag fastened to the back of the notebook. The Product Number (P/N) is printed on this tag. On some Notebook computers, the SONY Service Tag is located inside the battery compartment. Remove the battery from the Notebook to view the SONY Service Tag information.

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