Replacement Battery HSTNN-YB3B for HP and Cheap HSTNN-YB3A W35052LB-SP in UK

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HSTNN-YB3B,W35052LB-SP,HSTNN-YB3A Battery Use guide
In order to better play the superior performance of W35052LB-SP batteries, please follow the guidance:
1.Please select the same model or a model of manufacturer specified ac adapter.
2.Please exhaust all the battery power until the computer prompts the state of power 0%,Replacement HP HSTNN-YB3A battery to fully activate the lithium-ion cell.
3.Run out before charging, when notebook prompted low-power then charge the laptop battery. (If you use half of the charge, that will make it shortened the life expectancy of the Gateway W35052LB-SP Battery , the battery not use should be maintained full capacity because the battery self-discharge is small, in 3 to 5 days time, only 1% of its self-discharge).
4.To avoid a collision, as well as the battery in high-temperature and keep the HP HSTNN-YB3B Battery clean and dry.
Laptop Battery Using Notes
a.Do not frequent demolition of the battery,that will shorten laptop battery life.
b.Do not loading and unloading the battery when connecting the aptop ac adapter, this will lead to direct burn laptop battery.
c.Do not store the at a high temperature above 45, if thrown into a fire may cause HSTNN-YB3B laptop battery explosion.
d.Do not mix the W35052LB-SP battery with keychain, coins and other metal objects in order to avoid short-circuit.
e.Do not impact the battery or using sharp objects hit the HSTNN-YB3A battery .
f.Bad charger may damage the laptop battery, please use reliable charger.
Battery Warranty & Tips
We warrant that the Gateway Rechargeable Battery sold in our website, other than explicitly stated, are 100% brand new and free from defects in material and workmanship.
We warrant our HP battery for 1 year under normal, non-commercial use. Defective products could be replaced if returned within a year since the date of purchase.
1. Charge the HP battery after it automatically powers off , then full charge the battery.
2. Avoid erroneous usage of battery, such as heavy pressure, short circuit, fall off and so on.
3. Keep your Li-ion battery clean.
4. Don't leave HSTNN-YB3B,W35052LB-SP,HSTNN-YB3A laptop battery in direct sunlight, areas where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures such as car trunks.
5. Non use Li-ion battery pack must be fully discharged and then recharged every 2-3 weeks.