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TOSHIBA PA3595U-1BRS PA3595U-1BAS PABAS112 laptop battery replacement for Toshiba Equium U300 Dynabook CX Series

TOSHIBA PA3595U-1BRS Notebook Battery [7800mah,10.8V,()]

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Li-ion 7800mah 10.8V laptop battery equivalent to Toshiba Equium U300 Dynabook CX Series laptop. The Li-ion laptop batteries meet or exceed original TOSHIBA laptop battery standards at a fraction of the cost.

This TOSHIBA PA3595U-1BRS PA3595U-1BAS PABAS112 battery is specially designed for Toshiba Equium U300 Dynabook CX Series. It is brand new and 100% compatible with your originalPA3595U-1BRS battery. Sale battery always stands by its long battery life and maximum power, quick-charging with 1 year warranty!

TOSHIBA PA3595U-1BRS Battery Compatible Part No:

PA3593U-1BRS, PA3593U-1BAS, PABAS110
PA3594U-1BRS, PA3594U-1BAS, PABAS111
PA3595U-1BRS, PA3595U-1BAS, PABAS112

TOSHIBA PA3595U-1BRS Battery Fits Laptop Models:

Toshiba Dynabook CX Series
Dynabook CX/45C, Dynabook CX/45D, Dynabook CX/45E,
Dynabook CX/47C, Dynabook CX/47D, Dynabook CX/47E
Toshiba Dynabook SS Series
Dynabook SS M40 180E/3W, Dynabook SS M40 186C/3W,
Dynabook SS M41 186C/3W, Dynabook SS M41 200E/3W

Toshiba Equium U300 Series
Equium U300-15i

Toshiba Portege M600 Series
Portege M600-E320, Portege M600-E340, Portege M600-E360,
Portege M601, Portege M602, Portege M603, Portege M606,
Portege M607, Portege M609, Portege M612

Toshiba Satellite Pro U300 Series
Satellite Pro U300-106, Satellite Pro U300-10U, Satellite Pro U300-10W,
Satellite Pro U300-10Z, Satellite Pro U300-116, Satellite Pro U300-11K,
Satellite Pro U300-121, Satellite Pro U300-13O, Satellite Pro U300-13P,
Satellite Pro U300-13Y, Satellite Pro U300-142, Satellite Pro U300-143,
Satellite Pro U300-148, Satellite Pro U300-14D, Satellite Pro U300-14R,
Satellite Pro U300-14S, Satellite Pro U300-15B, Satellite Pro U300-15C,
Satellite Pro U300-15D, Satellite Pro U300-15W

Toshiba Satellite U300 Series
Satellite U300-10M, Satellite U300-111, Satellite U300-113,
Satellite U300-114, Satellite U300-115, Satellite U300-11P,
Satellite U300-11Q, Satellite U300-11V, Satellite U300-130,
Satellite U300-134, Satellite U300-13I, Satellite U300-13J,
Satellite U300-13K, Satellite U300-13L, Satellite U300-13M,
Satellite U300-13N, Satellite U300-13U, Satellite U300-13V,
Satellite U300-149, Satellite U300-14B, Satellite U300-14Z,
Satellite U300-150, Satellite U300-151, Satellite U300-152,
Satellite U300-153, Satellite U300-154, Satellite U300-15P,
Satellite U300-15Q, Satellite U300-15S, Satellite U300-ST3091,
Satellite U300-ST3094

Toshiba Satellite U305 Series
Satellite U305-S2804, Satellite U305-S2806, Satellite U305-S2808,
Satellite U305-S2812, Satellite U305-S5077, Satellite U305-S5087,
Satellite U305-S5097, Satellite U305-S5107, Satellite U305-S5117,
Satellite U305-S5127, Satellite U305-S7432, Satellite U305-S7446,
Satellite U305-S7448, Satellite U305-S7449, Satellite U305-S7467,
Satellite U305-S7477

Toshiba Tecra M8 Series
Tecra M8-S8011, Tecra M8-S8011X, Tecra M8-ST3093,
Tecra M8-ST3094

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TOSHIBA PA3595U-1BRS Battery Tips

Do not modify or disassemble the TOSHIBA PA3595U-1BRS battery.
Do not incinerate or expose TOSHIBA battery to excessive heat, which may result in an exposure.
Do not expose TOSHIBA PA3595U-1BRS replace battery to water or other moist matters.
Do not pierce, hit, step on, crush or abuse the notebook battery PA3595U-1BRS.
Do not place PA3595U-1BRS battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.
Do not short circuit the terminals or store your TOSHIBA notebook battery pack with metal objects such as necklaces or hairpins

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Buy TOSHIBA PA3595U-1BRS Battery Li-ion 7800mah 10.8V on the best laptop batteries store now! Rechargeable, removable Li-ion battery pack designed to work with Toshiba Equium U300 Dynabook CX Series Laptop Battery and more. Overcharge and short circuit protection. Factory price, fast shipping, brand new, 1 year warranty, 30-day money back. Secure Shopping Guarantee.

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