Cheap New Led grow light lamp in nz

Cheap and Brand New  Lamp  LED Grow light Panel Red Blue

The typical white plant lights that are very hot is unnecessary and just consume excessive electricity.

The purity of the LED generated light lengthens flowering periods.

These LEDs turn on instantly and can be turned on by hand each day or work well with all standard lamp timers.

The design of this new all in one Full Spectrum plant lighting panel allows maximum level photosynthesis food production, growth and flowering all in one.

It is the new Full Spectrum system providing maximum plant health, beauty andproductivity.

These LED light panels are perfect as an all year plant light for permanent plant benches and especially productive for spring vegetable and flower seedling development. Color: Red + Blue = Purple looking to the eyes Working Voltage: 12V or 110V- 220V Power: 13.8 Watts

Dimensions: 1

Body material: Thermoplastic
Circuitry board material: Diecast Chrome
60 Blue light LEDs: 465nm (nanometer) wave length
165 Red light LEDs: 650nm (nanometer) wave length
165 + 60 = Total 225 LEDs

- No ballasts, cooling fans or effectors needed. LED lights use standard light bulb sockets.
- LED grow lights typically last 7 to 10 years.
- LED produce the red and blue wavelengths of light plants can best use in photosynthesis.
- LED grow lights are warm to touch and won't scorch young plants as other ordinary lighting can.
- Comparing plant growth, LED use only 10% to 20% of the electricity consumed by ordinary lighting.
- Blue LED can easily be added to enhance vegetative growth or red LED to promote the fruiting and flowering stage.
- 5mm super bright LED
- Chrome die- casting circuitry board
- LED QTY: 225 pcs
- LED color: Color: Red + Blue = Purple looking to the eyes
- Blue (60)/ Red(165) = 225 total
- Blue light wavelength:460- 465 nm
- Red light wavelength: 650- 655 nm
- Size: 30.5 x 30.5 cm (12" x 12")
- Power: 14 W
- 110- 220V AC

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