TOSHIBA PA3728U-1BRS PA3728U-1BAS Laptop Replacement batteries for Satellite A660 A665

TOSHIBA PA3728U-1BRS PA3728U-1BAS battery provided by battery-laptop.com is designed to fit Satellite A660 A665 A665D C645D C650 C650D All our TOSHIBA PA3728U-1BRS PA3728U-1BAS battery are brand new, high capacity, rechargeable and made with high quality cells

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TOSHIBA PA3728U-1BRS PA3728U-1BAS Laptop Battery - 10.8V - 8800mAh - Li-ion

Replacement batteries for Satellite A660 A665 A665D C645D C650 C650D

Battery type: Li-ion

Battery Volt: 10.8V

Battery Capacity: 8800mAh

Battery Color: black

Battery Demension:

List Price: US $99.88

You Pay: US $79.90

You save: US $19.98

Availability: IN STOCK (Updated On January.2011)

Toshiba Satellite A660 Series

Satellite A660-BT2N01, Satellite A660-BT2N22
Toshiba Satellite A660D Series

Satellite A660D-BT2NX2
Toshiba Satellite A665 Series

Satellite A665-S6070
Toshiba Satellite A665D Series

Satellite A665D, Satellite A665D-S6051, Satellite A665D-S6059
Toshiba Satellite C645D Series

Satellite C645D, Satellite C645D-S4024
Toshiba Satellite C655 Series

Satellite C655-S5056
Toshiba Satellite C655D Series

Satellite C655D-S5064
Toshiba Satellite L515 Series

Satellite L515D, Satellite L515-S4925, Satellite L515-S4928
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