Thinkpad Battery| IBM 40Y7003 laptop battery replacement for IBM Thinkpad X60 X60s X61 X61s

IBM 40Y7003 battery Part NO.:

IBM: 40Y6999, 40Y7001, 40Y7003,

ASM 92P1170, ASM 92P1174, FRU 92P1163, FRU 92P1165,

FRU 92P1167, FRU 92P1169, FRU 92P1171, FRU 92P1173, FRU 92P1227

IBM 40Y7003 battery Fit Models:

ThinkPad X60-1706 ThinkPad X60-1707 ThinkPad X60-1708 ThinkPad X60-1709

ThinkPad X60-2509 ThinkPad X60-2510 ThinkPad X60s-1702 ThinkPad X60s-1703

ThinkPad X60s-1704 ThinkPad X60s-1705 ThinkPad X60s-2507 ThinkPad X60s-2508

ThinkPad X60s-2533 ThinkPad X61-7673 ThinkPad X61-7674 ThinkPad X61-7675

ThinkPad X61-7676 ThinkPad X61-7678 ThinkPad X61-7679 ThinkPad X61s-7666

ThinkPad X61s-7667 ThinkPad X61s-7668 ThinkPad X61s-7669 ThinkPad X61s-7670

ThinkPad X61s-7671

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Premium quality replacement IBM laptop
. This IBM 40Y7003 FRU 92P1227 battery from battery-notebook.ca is rated at 14.4 V capacity and is 100% compatible with the original equipment.it has been also
specially designed to meet the power needs of your IBM Thinkpad X60 X60s X61 X61s laptop and will help you power up your notebook in the
office, business trips or vacations.
you pay : C $ 73.37
Capacity|Volt : 2600mAh/4cells |14.4 V

Type : Lithium-Ion

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one year warranty!

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IBM 40Y7003 FRU 92P1227 battery
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