Replace Notebook Battery ASUS 90-ne51b3000 in New Zealand

90-ne51b3000 - Notebook Battery ASUS 90-ne51b3000 for ASUS U5 ASUS U5A ASUS U5F series

Replace Notebook Battery for ASUS U5 ASUS U5A ASUS U5F series. This ASUS 90-ne51b3000 battery feature a no memory effect that lets you recharge partially drained batteries without reducing performance.

ASUS 90-ne51b3000 Notebook Battery [7800mah,11.1V,203.90 x 60.00 x 20.50 mm]

ASUS notebook batteries, chargers and accessories have been specifically designed for each model. Choose the ASUS model or part number that you have, from the list below to find the parts and accessories compatible to that model.

This 90-ne51b3000 Li-ion Battery also can replace :

This 90-ne51b3000 notebook battery fit model:

Asus U5 Series
Asus U5A, U5F

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